For those of you who based you summer around our upcoming Friday the 13th Charity Movie Marathon, for those of you who cancelled their wedding plans, funeral plans, family reunions, baby-making and birthing plans to tune into this event, I have terrible news! We’ve had to postpone it due to scheduling conflicts (lame). We will take up the charge closer to Halloween. Write that down! Do it now.

New Releases!

Enforcement (aka Shorta) – Tough action/drama from Denmark finds a couple of cops in the wrong neighbourhood at the wrong time. Coppers gotta cop. Pretty solid thriller.

Here Today – Comedy writer Billy Crystal and street singer Tiffany Haddish become friends.

La Piscine – Alain Delon and Romy Schneider are a sexy couple enjoying sexy times by the pool in 1969. Problems ensue when her ex-lover and his nubile young daughter show up. Ruh-Roh! Criterion release.

Rose Plays Julie – A young woman seeks out her original birth-mother. Complications ensue (of course they do) in this drama/thriller.

Son of the South – In 1961 Alabama a grandson of a KKK monster must decide what side of history to be on. Drama ensues.

Son of the White Mare – Famed psychedelic Hungarian animated fare about sons of a horse goddess who travel to the underworld to rescue some princesses. No relation to Son of the South. Blu Ray only.

True Mothers – A woman with an adopted child is contacted by the birth mother with varying results. Sounds like a theme this week. Japan’s entry in the Oscars.

The Twentieth Century – Wacked-out Canadian film that follows the rise of a young (some say crazy) Mackenzie King as he vies to lead the Dominion of Canada.

Working Girls – Famed film by Lizzie Borden about the goings-on in an upscale NY brothel. Criterion release.

Coming Soon!




Those Who Wish Me Dead

New episode of Black Dog Video After Dark drops today! Tune in as your podcast heroes take a run at The Terminator! It's a pretty fun listen guaranteed to make you laugh and think and laugh some more (no actual guarantee).

That's it for this week, folks. Stay strong. Stay safe. Stay hydrated. Stay vaccinated!

After a short spell of zero new releases, we were flooded by all the movies this week! Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin.

New Releases!

Backstrom Season 1 - Nice-looking Swedish crime series about a tough detective working a tough case.

Borat Subsequent Movie Film - Borat's back to tickle the bones in your funny body! Nominated for Oscars! Blu Ray only.

City Hall - Frederick Wiseman looks into the working guts of Boston's city government. Fun for the whole family!

Jakob's Wife - Black Dog fave Barbara Crampton stars in this tale of a lonely housewife who gets to earn her chops as a vampire.

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom - Ma Rainey and her crack band record a record in 1927. Chadwick Boseman's final film. Blu Ray only.

Mortal Kombat - Fight! Fight! Fight!

On the Rocks - Sophia Coppola treads familiar ground by dragging Bill Murray around the streets of NY. Blu Ray only.

Outbreak: The Virus That Shook the World - Watch as people clamber for toilet paper as the pandemic spreads across the globe in this documentary.


Separation - Young girl turns to some creepy puppets for solace after her mom dies. Stars Rupert Friend (love that name!) and Mamie Gummer (love that name more!)

Shark Huntress - Sexy lady fights sexy shark. Hey lady, leave those sharks alone!

Silat Warriors: Deed of Death - Fight! Fight! Fight! In Malaysia!

Spiral - Chris Rock and Sam Jackson enter the Saw world for some reason.

Sound of Metal - Riz Ahmed is a heavy metal drummer who is losing his hearing. Bummer. Heard this film is top-notch.

Trial of the Chicago 7 - Borat is Abbie Hoffman in this searing drama about the trials following the 1968 Democratic Convention riots. Good stuff. Blu Ray only.

Walking Dead Season 10 - Those dead keep on walking!

Old Titles New to the Shop!

Phantasm - Blu Ray set of all 5 films

Annie Sprinkle's Herstory of Porn

Wizard of Oz - Blu Ray

The Burmese Harp

Coming Soon!


American Gods S3

The Carnivores

Defending Jacob

Every Breath You Take


Gangs of London S1

Good Manners


Ice Road

Keeping Faith S 3

Shadows in an Empty Room


To the Ends of the Earth

Quiet Place II

The Wave

If you were wondering about the title of this week's newsletter, it's in honour of the lovely box set of the Phantasm series we just picked up. Comes with the flying death ball and everything! Can be purchased through us, of course!

We just released a "Dog Track" (aka commentary track) to go along with Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band movie which we suffered through a while back. Check it out if you dare at!

That's it for this week, folks. Stay healthy, get vaccinated, party.

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If you might recall, last year on Friday the 13th, we did an in-store movie marathon to raise money for the food bank. Dylan, Alex and I subjected ourselves to watching all the Friday the 13th films in a row! It was a grueling, but fun, experience and we managed to raise around $800. Well, if you look closely at your calendar, you’ll notice that there’s another Friday the 13th next month! You can see where this is going – the 3 of us maniacs will again be doing a movie marathon – this time it’s the Nightmare on Elm Street series – to raise much-needed funds for the Vancouver Food Bank. Details to come! With no signs of this heat abating, we’ve decided to offer you some sweet movie purchasing deals! Our $5 sale films can be had 3 for $10 for the month of July! We have tons to offer you! In addition, we’ll be discounting our sale box sets! Pop into the shop to see what we have for your collection. Viva la physical media! Due to unforeseen circumstances, there are no new films arriving at the shop this week. But don’t let that stop you from popping in and grabbing something for the weekend! If you’re interested, check out my letterboxd page (and follow me if you will because that’s what we do now right, follow each other?) for things I’ve watched and liked and disliked. This is what should be arriving next week for your pleasure… Backstom Series 1 Frontline: The Virus That Shook the World Jakob’s Wife Mortal Kombat The Separation Silat Warriors: Deed of Death The Sound of Metal Spiral The Walking Dead Season 10 There should also be a new video of me yakking about movies up on the website on the internets real soon. Have a great weekend, stay hydrated, stay safe, masks are now optional for those of you who are fully vaccinated in the shop but encouraged for all. Copyright © 2021 Black Dog Video, All rights reserved.

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