• dylanrhymer8

Canada Day?

This Canada Day is shaping up to be a sombre one with the recent discovery of all those poor murdered children on Residential School grounds (can't someone or something be held accountable?!) and everything else that is not right in this country (access to clean drinking water, the heat and fires caused by inaction on global warming and so forth).

About a month ago we recorded the latest episode of our podcast for release on Canada Day. Then there came much heated debate among the three of us if we should even release it. In the end we decided to go ahead as it is first and foremost a podcast about movies (we try to leave the politics at the door) - in this case a Canadian film - and we wanted to add a touch of brevity to the heaviness that many Canadians are feeling at the moment.

That said, we're not here to celebrate Canada today but to enjoy what Canadian film has to offer. I hope that all of this makes sense and you can get a laugh or two as we settle in to talk about the movie PIN! It will be released shortly along with this week's newsletter.

We encourage our listeners to become educated and bring justice to all Indigenous Communities of Canada. Make an act of #reconciliation today by taking time to learn about the Calls to Justice in the report of the National Inquiry into #MMIWG and the First Nations-led action plan to end violence.

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