• dylanrhymer8


I, like many Commercial Drive residents and regulars, am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of our friend Frank.

Frank and his brother Danse have been regular fixtures on Commercial Drive, harmlessly camped out (for lack of a better description) out front of our video store in the morning. A little messy, maybe, but always friendly and respectful to everyone. You may also have seen them on the corner by Home Hardware or just generally roaming up and down Commercial Drive taking in the bustle and joking around with whoever walks by.

Frank would often holler my name from across the street and wave with a big smile and if I had been out of town for a while the sound of the two brothers calling out made me know in my bones that I was really back home. The pair were as much a staple of the neighbourhood as the mountains on the horizon, or the ocean air or the daily migration of crows overhead. Frank was just part of the furniture.

One day I arrived at the shop to open to find Frank sitting on the sidewalk in distress. I asked him what was going on and, with tears in his eyes told me that he had just come back from the doctor.

I braced for the worst. “Oh no, Frank. What is it?”

He motioned for me to lean in a little closer. I crouched down so I could hear better. “What did the doctor say?”

“It’s my heart. That woman stole it and never gave it back!” Suddenly his face lit up and he let loose with a huge laugh.

“Screw you, Frank! You had me genuinely worried!” I had to admit it was a pretty decent joke, that son of a bitch got me good.

Naturally Frank and Danse have had their differences and arguments, grudges and fights, like all brothers do. But these spats and fights always ran their course and that brotherly bond would always return.

Frank’s sense of humour is what I will miss the most about him. He could often be seen joking around with Danse and he seemed to have a particular fondness for messing with tourists. The guy made me laugh all the time.

The staff and regulars of Black Dog Video offer our deepest condolences to Danse and all of Frank's friends and family.

Farewell, Frank. The Drive won’t be the same without you.

We will be accepting cash and debit donations at the shop 1470 Commercial Drive to go to help Danse.