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The Black Dog Newsletter: Getting Mugged Edition!

The sweet swag is starting to roll in! Just received these swell mugs! Limited edition! Put your favourite liquid or solid in them! Whatever you want! There's no rules! Only $22.99 and going fast. New shirts should be arriving any day now as well! Good times.

Look for a new Black Dog After Dark podcast soon as we celebrate the greatness of Charles Grodin with a look at Midnight Run. But until then feel free to check out some of our older episodes!

New Releases!

Land – Robin Wright tries her hand at living off the grid in the wilds of Wyoming. Pair it up with Nomadland for an evening of ladies doing it for themselves! WATCH THE TRAILER:

Her Name is Chef – Nice doc about 6 bad-ass female chefs as they battle all the crap that’s dealt to them in the world of food cooking. WATCH THE TRAILER:

Hunted – Woman meets a douche-bag psycho in a bar (get in line) and things go downhill from there in this nifty little horror number. WATCH THE TRAILER:

Our Friend – Nice fella moves in with his best friend to help after the guy’s wife is diagnosed with something not good. WATCH THE TRAILER:

Raya and the Last Dragon – Latest Disney animated fare about a warrior name Raya as she searches for, well, the last dragon.

Shadow Lines – Cool Finnish Cold War spy thriller series! Get on that. WATCH THE TRAILER:

Wojnarowicz – Doc on a controversial gay artist living in NY in the 1980s as he blazes a trail for others before succumbing to AIDS. WATCH THE TRAILER:

Delicious Older Titles New on the Shelves!


The Private Life of Henry VIII

Saturday Night Fever – Blu Ray

Weekend at Bernie’s – Blu Ray

Coming Soon!

The Father

Kong v Godzilla

Deliver Us From Evil

Iron Mask

The Mauritanian

Mrs. Lowry and Son

Nightmare Alley

Some Kind of Heaven

Tom and Jerry

That’s it for this week folks! Don’t forget to check out the new website – – for lots of cool things including my weekly videos!

Talk at ya next week!