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The Black Dog Newsletter: Green Frothy Beer Edition!

So it’s St. Patrick’s Day! A day in which most of the western world, except Ireland, celebrates by drinking gross green coloured beer and vomiting gross green coloured barf on the sidewalk. But instead of that, here at THE BLACK DOG VIDEO AFTER DARK PODCAST , we made ourselves watch Leprechaun and do a commentary riff, a “Dog Track” if you will, as we “enjoyed” the film. Cue up your copy (or rent ours) or check out our hilarious highlight video at and listen in on the fun!

New Releases!

Castle Freak – Why they thought a remake of the stone-cold classic was necessary is beyond me but if you need a fresh new castle freak in your life, dig in! WATCH THE TRAILER:

Des – David Tennant is a serial killer! Well, he portrays a real-life serial killer in this fine little series. WATCH THE TRAILER:

Fantastic Fungi – Wonderful, trippy doc about shrooms. Big hit on the festival circuit. Blu Ray only. WATCH THE TRAILER:

The Go-Go’s – Loved this fun ride about a wonderful band that I knew nothing about. Great stuff. WATCH THE TRAILER:

Kill Your Friends – Guy working as an A&R fella will do almost (scratch that), will do anything to find the next big thing. WATCH THE TRAILER:

Promising Young Woman – Carey Mulligan is on the prowl to exact revenge on crappy men after being traumatized by an event in her past in this top-notch, multiple Oscar-nominated thriller.

Rent-a-Pal – Lonely fella finds a VHS video tape (it’s 1990!) called Rent-a-Pal starring Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton). Things turn sinister. WATCH THE TRAILER:

Songbird – It’s 2024 and the world is ravaged by a pandemic (must be science fiction) and folks struggle. About time someone made a pandemic movie! WATCH THE TRAILER:

We Hunt Together – Sexy, dramatic cop series from Britain about a couple of sexy, dramatic cops hunting down a serial killer. WATCH THE TRAILER:

Zappa – Top-notch doc about the famed musical genius (I was a huge fan back in the day)! WATCH THE TRAILER:

Coming Soon!

Another Round

Breaking News in Yuba County


The Undoing

Days of the Bagnold Summer


News of the World

Psycho Goreman

Sami Blood

Walking on Water

Wonder Woman

We’ve got a cool thing in the works that should be fun and also gives y’all a chance to buy some cool things from us and help us to keep on keepin’ on. Stay tuned!

And if anyone is interested, I’ve been doing a little film project over the past year where I finally watch films that I should have seen by now. Check out what I’ve watched here (and follow my Letterboxd account if you dare) and what I haven’t seen here. Fun!

That’s it for this week, my lovelies. Take care of each other. Wear a mask (don't be like the mask-less guy who threatened to sue me because I wouldn't serve him). Pet a dog. Keep watching.