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The Black Dog Newsletter: May Days Edition!

These are exciting times at Black Dog Video! We’ve got new swag coming your way in the form of mugs (on the way), pins and magnets, masks and there’s a new T-Shirt design coming soon! There’s also a new episode of Black Dog After Dark, our fun podcast, dropping today! The three of us enjoy some bevies and take a look at Pump Up the Volume! And if that wasn’t enough, over at our website – – there’s a new weekly video up by your truly! Check all this stuff out! Huzzah!

New Releases!

Atlantic Crossing – Mini-series about Crown Princess Martha of Norway hanging out in the White House in 1940 and influencing Kyle MacLachlan’s (FDR) decision to enter the war. WATCH THE TRAILER:

Collective – After a tragic fire in a Bucharest nightclub, some crack reporters uncover a vast conspiracy in Romania’s health care system. Up for best documentary at this year’s Oscars. WATCH THE TRAILER:

Crock of Gold – Doc about Shane MacGowan (The Pogues) and his teeth. WATCH THE TRAILER:

How About Adolph? – German dinner party movie where some expecting parents announce they plan on naming their child, Adolph. German-based hi-jinks, I presume, ensue. WATCH THE TRAILER:

Lapsis – Guy takes a weird new job in the weird new gig-economy in this weird new sci-fi, mystery, drama, satire movie. WATCH THE TRAILER:

The Marksman – Old Liam Neeson has been busy lately! Here he’s a rancher defending a small Mexican lad against some bad cartel fellas. WATCH THE TRAILER:

No Reason – Bug-nuts crazy, insanely violent, horror fare from Germany. If that pleases you. WATCH THE TRAILER:

Sheep Without a Shepard – Joan Chen is a nasty cop out for revenge or something like that in this well-regarded thriller. WATCH THE TRAILER:

Willy’s Wonderland – Nic Cage must battle some deranged animatronic puppets in a derelict amusement park for some reason. WATCH THE TRAILER:

Wisting – Norwegian crime thriller series alert! Bonus, it also stars Carrie-Anne Moss! WATCH THE TRAILER:

Older Titles Fresh on the Shelves!

Murder by Death

Scent of Green Papaya

Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice?

Loverboy ( thriller form 2005, not the local music heroes)

All the Way

Coming Soon!


The Mauritanian


Raya and the Last Dragon

Shadow Lines S1

Action USA


We just re-upped on our famous award-winning best selling most awesome shirts! We now have them in medium, large, XL and XXL. Get em while you can!

That’s about it for this week, folks! Stay safe out there, be nice to each other and keep watching.