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The Black Dog Newsletter! Oh, Canada Edition!

We recorded a special Black Dog Video After Dark: Canada Day podcast a while back for release now but we had some qualms about doing something to celebrate Canada Day what with all of all the recent horrors that have come to light. We did decide to release this episode for various reasons (read here) and you can listen in as we discuss the Canadian classic PIN.

So many things happening at the moment! With the new “Stage 3” guidelines going into effect we’ve set out our own rules and regulations for what’s happening at Black Dog Video. Read all about them here.

New Releases!

Here Are the Young Men – Three Irish teenagers go down the drugs and drinking route to nowheresville.

His Dark Materials S2 – Season 2 of this pretty cool show.

Hunter Hunter – Fur trapping family is hunted by a nasty lone wolf (not McQuade).

Honeydew – Weird things abound when a young couple take refuge in a weird home run by a weird farmer and her even weirder son.

The Man Who Sold His Skin – Syrian refugee, Sam, has his body turned into a work of living art. But at what cost? AT WHAT COST?!!

Super Frenchie – Doc about an extreme athlete and the extreme things he does. I really don’t like the name of this film. Like, seriously.

Us – Comedy/Drama dealie show about a family traveling across Europe ( I assume it’s before plague days).

Sweet Older Titles New to the Shop!

Better Luck Tomorrow

Day of the Dolphin

Executive Action –

Fairy Tales

Lost Continent/The Reptile

The Offence


Strike Commando

Twilight Zone (original) Entire series – Blu Ray

Coming Soon!

Sound of Metal

Mortal Kombat


Jakob’s Wife

Gangs of London S1

Borat Subsequent Movie


Walking Dead S 10

Star Trek Discovery S3

Hope that everyone survived the dreaded “Heat Dome”. That was awful. A sign of things to come? Who knows? Take care.