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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: More Sad Times Edition

More sad news - a month or so after Frank passed, his brother Danse has followed him. Those two were fixtures on the Drive forever and will be missed. Such a sad story. We had raised money to help out Danse after Frank’s passing but could never find him to give him the donations. So we’re going to donate what we raised - $500 - to the Indian Residential School Survivors Society. If you want to chip in on this go here.

New Releases!

The Columnist – Social media rears it’s ugly head (again) in this tale of a woman pushed too far. Looks like fun!

Cosmic Sin – Frank Grillo and Bruce Willis’s shiny head star in this sci-fi actioner about aliens and war and metal suits.

The Courier – Ben Cumberbatch is a cold war spy trying to end the Cuban Missile Crisis. Could most likely use some of those mystical Dr Strange shenanigans.

Earwig and the Witch – Kid named Earwig (come on parents, do better!) goes to live with a witch. Witches, witches everywhere!

The Father – Anthony Hopkins won another Oscar for his portrayal of an old fella slipping away. Much drama, I presume, ensues.

The Final Stand – Russian war film about some cadets helping to thwart the Germans from taking Moscow in the winter of 1941. Everyone knows that you don’t start a land war with Russia!

The Great Season 1 – Historical comedy/drama about a woman tossed into the Russian royal court when she marries a doofus Emperor.

The Legend of Hei – Top-notch animated tale of a goblin cat wandering the city after it’s forest home is destroyed. Where do I get me a goblin cat?!

Minari – Oscar-winning tale of a Korean family starting a farm in 1980’s Arkansas. Probably better than it sounds.

Pixie – Irish gangster comedy crime thriller. Sounds delightful!

The Vault – Dude wants to steal some legendary lost treasure from a 100 year-old vault in Spain. Go for it, dud

Fantastic Older Titles New to the Shop!

Merrily We Go to Hell (Criterion) Three Fantastic Journeys by Karel Zemen (Criterion Blu Ray) The Complete Lady Snowblood (Criterion) House (Hauzu) (Criterion Blu Ray)

Coming Soon!

Event Horizon BR French Exit Hemingway Morgue Night Walk Vanquish That’s it for this week folks! Make sure you tune into our podcast – Black Dog After Dark – for hilarious movie chats!

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