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The Black Dog Video Newsletter! Screaming Hot Edition!

So as you are all aware, we're in for a record-breaking, face-melting, walk around in your underwear (or less) heat wave this weekend! Ugh. Stay safe! Drink lots of water (or other water-based beverages), sunscreen people etc. Me? I'm hoping to stay inside and pass the heat watching movies.

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New Releases!

Batman: Long Halloween Pt 1 - Halloween is the perfect time for the Batman to investigate some scary murders! Blu Ray only.

Body Brokers - What's the scam going on at this addiction clinic, asks Frank Grillo?

Chaos Walking - Spiderman and Star Wars travel on a strange planet where everyone can hear your thoughts. Terrifying!

Georgetown - Crime drama has Christoph Waltz marrying a wealthy widow (Vanessa Redgrave) in order to climb into the society. I could be wrong, but I think everyone's name is George.

Nobody - Better Call Saul kicks some serious butt in this fun action exercise.

The Paper Tigers - Three washed-up old timers, who used to be Kung-Fu prodigies, reunite to revenge the death of their master. Like me some good revenging.

Salisbury Poisonings - True tale of the Russian's poisoning assassination attempt of a double agent. Those Russians sure like to poison folks!

Sin: Il Paccato - The life of Michelangelo Buonarroti, famous sculpture and marble enthusiast.

Ten Minutes to Midnight - Late night radio host is bitten by a bat and transforms into a vampire and then eats her co-workers. Not a documentary.

Vikings Season 6 Pt 2 - Mawr Vikings!

Your Honor - Weathered Brian Cranston is a judge whose son is involved in a car accident with some mob fellas in New Orleans. What's he gonna do?!

Zeroville - A bald James Franco directs and stars in this tale of a fella who arrives in LA the same day that the Manson Murders take place. Sounds like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Jr.

Swell Older Titles on the Shelves!

But I'm a Cheerleader! - Director's Cut Blu Ray

Just a Gigalo

Eat the Rich - 2 disk DVD includes director's cut

Badge 373

Night Terror aka Night Drive

Indiscretion of an American Wife + Terminal Station

Mystery and Horror Tales Vol 1


The Neighbor Number 13

Coming Soon!


Hunter Hunter

The Man Who Sold His Skin



Sound of Metal

Borat Subsequent Movie Film

The Trial of The Chicago 7


Baby Bump

Here Are the Young Men

His Dark Materials S2

House of Cardin


Phew! Lots to tell you there. But that's enough for now. Carry on.