The Hosts

The Black Dog Video After Dark Podcast is hosted by these three devilishly handsome movie experts inside the bowels of Black Dog Video, one of Canada's last remaining video rental shops. They regularly welcome guests including fellow movie-loving friends, customers, musicians, actors, directors and interesting local characters. You can find them working behind the counter at the shop. 


Dylan Rhymer 

Dylan is a stand up comedian and actor who dabbles in retail work just for kicks.

A lifelong resident of Hollywood North, he has appeared in several movies mostly as background extra but you can totally see him if you pause the movie and squint. Come in and ask him about his celebrity encounters, he loves talking about himself. 

Favourite movie: High Fidelity, Return of the Jedi

Most hated movie: Cool World


Darren Gay

If these guys are the A-Team, then Darren is the Hannibal. He loves it when a plan comes together...because was the leader.  What do you mean you've never heard of the A-Team? You're making me feel really old when you say things like that.


Anyway, he's the owner and proprietor of Black Dog Video, keeping it humming like a well-oiled machine for over twenty years. 

Favourite movie: This Is Spinal Tap

Most hated movie: Forrest Gump 


Alex Chisholm

Hailing from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Alex has been a fixture in local movie society for years as a Black Dog alumni and programmer at The Rio Theatre, East Van's favourite movie house. 


But no shit this guy's knowledge of cinema and pop-culture history is insane. There's literally nothing he doesn't know. It's creepy sometimes. 

Favourite movie: Freaks

Most hated movie:  American Beauty